Intelligent Document Processing Podcasts – Episode #1: Aleksandar Milosevic, CEO of 3ap

A few weeks ago, we had the idea to launch the first Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) podcasts of the world.

The principle is simple; we invite managers, thought leaders, and founders of companies to talk about Intelligent Document Processing and everything that has to do with the digital transformation of companies.

For the first episode, CEO of Parashift, Alain Veuve, has welcomed one of our partners at Parashift’s office, Aleksandar Milosevic, CEO of 3ap. They exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

IDP Podcasts

Who is Aleksandar Milosevic?

Aleksandar Milosevic is one of the founders of 3ap and he is its CEO.

During his professional career, he has worked for some of the largest companies in the world. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge in business development, sales, strategy, and leadership. Experienced, he created a new approach to work in the corporate world, which he named “Start-up in a Box.”

Thanks to his expertise and innovative vision, he has already helped various companies grow substantially. Dynamic, sporty, and passionate about what he does, his speech is full of optimism and makes you want to work with him.

Who is Alain Veuve?

Alain Veuve is an essential member of many companies. To name two of them, he is the founder and CEO of Parashift AG as well as the founder and president of the Swiss accounting software vendor Accounto AG.

He has always been convinced of the potential of companies and startups in the information technology and internet sector throughout his career. He does not hesitate to invest time and money in innovative projects that are important to him. Recognized and reputed in the industry for the expertise that he shares in his blog and his numerous conferences, he is a highly cited opinion leader in the field of digital transformation.

What about 3ap?

3ap is a Zurich-based company founded in 2014. It offers innovative digital solutions, supporting its customers with methodologies to develop ideas and creates value in a short time with its “integrated” approach. When we ask Aleksandar about it, he likes to say; “The client comes with a vision, and we will come with a version.”

Today, about 60 people are part of the team, and they are all passionate about creating the most successful software possible. The company’s culture can be summed up in one phrase: “Take risks, test, fail and learn.”

To achieve this, they collaborate every day with successful companies, like Parashift.

What about Parashift?

Parashift is a machine learning company that has taken on the topic of document capture. Its product, the Parashift Platform, is a cloud-based document extraction solution that uses IDP technology to read relevant data from any document. By using its proprietary Document Swarm Learning technology, companies can gradually automate all their document processes.

In the process, employees team up with the Parashift Platform to integrate document data into processes and systems super quickly and cost-effectively. The platform learns from all interactions and thus comes closer to complete autonomy step by step. So everything at Parashift is focused on making this technological milestone a reality. The team is not pursuing other topics. Alain Veuve says, “We’re not an end-to-end solution, so we’re working with a lot of companies that can do vertical integrations.”

Why the collaboration?

3ap and Parashift met through a common customer. Alain Veuve explains during the interview that the first approach was a bit awkward but necessary: “I remember being on vacation, calling you and saying – I don’t think you’re going to be able to do these extractions. We come in peace; we want to work with you, we’re not going to replace you.’

3ap needed a document extraction and realized that this process was not as easy as it sounds. It wasn’t something that could be done overnight, as it takes experienced people and a lot of investment to build an infrastructure and extract relevant data from documents. After talking to Alain, Aleksandar was confident that he would get the help he needed to push things forward.

This partnership aims to digitize the end-to-end processes as much as possible and find the perfect way to communicate and make their work tangible.

What about the future?

As an approach to what he wants for the future, Aleksandar explains that 3ap will have its project business and offer solutions that will change markets and allow the company to grow broadly.

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