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Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #2: Urs Kälin, Managing Director at simplyfile

Welcome to IDP podcast episode #2. For this second interview, Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift, has welcomed another partner of ours in Sissach; Urs Kälin, Managing Director at simplyfile.

They exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

Who is Urs Kälin?

Urs Kälin is passionate about the digital world and has been doing it for 20 years. In 2020, he became managing director and business consultant at simplyfile. As a great expert in his field, he helps companies to optimize their work processes by offering them digital solutions adapted to their needs.

He likes to define himself as follows: “I see myself in the role of a questioner, advisor and sparring partner. I don’t see myself as a software seller anyway, but as a problem solver and optimizer. The software is (only) a tool. Advice is the key to an optimal solution.”

What about simplyfile?

simplyfile is a Swiss company founded in 2020 in Switzerland and is considered a solution integrator that supports its customers towards a fast and efficient digital transition. As an official reseller of M-Files in Switzerland, they offer a holistic solution with different modules from the input and extraction of data to a concise interface serving as a central information management platform. It allows customers to save time by consolidating all internal company documents, emails etc. in one place to reduce search time by up to 30 minutes per day.

Why the collaboration?

simplyfile chose Parashift to rethink document-centric business processes and unlock more potential from existing infrastructure, according to Urs Kälin. The collaboration of the two companies aims to provide customers with a flexible and powerful service for reading all business documents through machine learning based software. Together, they thus provide an efficient solution for different use-cases such as a fully automated processing of supplier invoices, the capturing of scanning processes in bundled form.

The Parashift Platform allows us and our customers to rethink document-centric business processes and unlock more potential from existing infrastructure

What about the future?

For the future, simplyfile will continue to accompany companies more towards the right solutions for their digital transition. The goal is to make them understand that combining several technological tools is essential to optimize their performance.

What we should do from my point of view is to make customer realize that it is a synergy and not a war of applications. He needs to see, he needs a strong business software underneath, like Navision, AIX, Abacus, whatever it is. And above that, everything that is automations, speed, efficiency, proximity to the customer, it needs solutions like we offer him.

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