Fast implementation of powerful document extraction for integrators

In order to provide better solutions to their customers, integration companies need powerful document extraction that can be easily integrated. The Parashift IDP platform provides integrators with an innovative and forward-thinking solution to help them improve their services competitively.

Parashift focuses exclusively on document extraction and aims to enhance market-leading software by merging it to generate measurable impact for end users

The highly flexible document extraction solution thus allows integrators to implement quickly. Three advantages of the out-of-the-box solutions that Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform comes with.

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IDP attractive for integration firms

Intelligent Document Processing brings accurate, high-quality data to integrators. This can provide customers with better solutions, which they can use to add more value. This, along with the following advantages, makes IDP very attractive to integration companies.

The Parashift IDP Platform, through its integration with alabus solutions, provides us with a simple and consistent solution to automatically capture business documents and avoid media breaks. We are convinced that we will be able to achieve a great added value for our customers. – Uwe Störrlein, Co-CEO alabus AG

Advantage #1: Cloud setup

The Parashift IDP platform comes cloud-first. With the cloud infrastructure, an arbitrarily large volume of documents can be extracted in real time. This high flexibility and easy scalability enables a significantly shorter time-to-solution. Parashift’s cloud-based IDP platform can be easily integrated into virtually any system via a modern and powerful REST API.

Another plus for integrators is the straightforward approach to onboarding new customers: With just a few clicks, integrators can activate the necessary document types for new tenants themselves, so that the clients are ready to go straight away.

Advantage #2: Ready-to-use document types

Numerous standard document types, which are continuously extended, already cover a large number of use cases out-of-the-box. Integrators can also create and set up their own standard document types for their customers. During customer onboarding, they can be activated in a very practical way. Integrators also benefit from Parashift’s pre-trained field entities and can add custom fields as needed, while still being able to set up new customers smoothly.

Accurate document extraction is critical for the digitization of business processes. Because Parashift’s solution is not tied to a single use case, we can offer our customers a service that can be integrated into our various specialist solutions. – Ramon Scherrer, Head of Business Development Abraxas Informatik AG

Advantage #3: Pricing

It also gets very interesting for integrators with pricing on a subscription basis. Parashift calculates prices per document and across all end clients. So the more end customers an integrator has, the better the prices become. This also means that, for example, when the 50th onboarding takes place, the costs for the first customer also drop.

Parashift helps our solution InvoiceR to read the invoice data in perfection and to feed it into the incoming invoice process. This enables us to achieve a very high degree of automation and data accuracy as a basis for further processing. – Thomas Kohler, CEO enio AG

The benefits of the fast-growing Parashift IDP platform for integration companies are competitive differentiators in the forward-looking expansion of their offerings and services.

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