Introduction to Patryk Solarczyk, one of our Data Operator/Validator at Parashift AG

Hello Patryk, we are so happy to get to know you a little bit more in this short interview. First of all, could you please give us a wrap-up of who you are and what are you doing at Parashift AG?

Cześć! My name is Patryk, I am 27 years old and originally from Poland. I came to Switzerland to have a new experience as well as to get to know a new culture. I have been interested in traveling for many years and I am motivated and ready for a new challenge. That’s why I ended up at Parashift AG.

Off to new shores – very cool! If you had to choose one thing, what makes you happiest in your working life and why?

Meeting great people, their culture and their traditions is extremely exciting and enriching for me.

How did you first learn about Parashift?

The LinkedIn page is very helpful for finding new challenges in your work life. This is also where I found Parashift AG.

Well then, our activity is paying off well. But now let’s get a little more specific about what you do here. Tell us what you do here?

I work as a Data Operator and Validator. That means I work on documents that are processed through our platform and generate valuable training data that sustainably improve the Parashift AI.

What do you think are the strengths of the Parashift team?

The people here are so friendly and open. I have the impression that I have known them all my life. Yet I’ve only been here for a short time. That makes it a very pleasant start for new employees like me. It’s also cool to be part of such a motivated team that is working towards a COLLECTIVE goal.

Yes, at Parashift AG, every Parashiftian pulls together. What do you think could be the biggest challenge for you and your team to achieve our vision of fully autonomous document processing?

My German language skills ???? , but I’m working on that!

Just like me – in that case we can learn together ???? What is your guiding principle at work?

I resonate with the sport spirit, so I would say: Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.

Let’s provide some inspiration for our readers: Is there a book, podcast or movie that changed your mind about certain things? If so, which ones?

Certainly. For example, the book by the author of the previous sentence “Mamba Mentality” – Kobe Bryant.

Hmmm… I did not know that yet. Thanks for the tip and thanks for the short exchange dear Patryk!

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