Who Needs HTR? 25 Use Cases from 10 Industries

Documents with exclusively machine-written text are often wishful thinking; at least handwritten additions or even entire handwritten forms are still not uncommon. Having an effective extraction solution for handwritten text recognition (HTR) in the company is therefore a decisive competitive factor. This requires more than traditional Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

Parashift’s high-performance ICR covers all of the demanding requirements for HTR on a large scale. In the following, we list 25 HTR use cases from 10 industries that can be fundamentally solved with Parashift’s ICR and thus massively optimize workflows.

You already know that you need an effective solution for HTR? Would you rather know the methodology Parashift’s ICR uses for handwritten text? Read all about it here 

Do you need HTR? 3 questions up front

If you reply “yes” to at least one of the following 3 questions, you undoubtedly need a powerful solution for processing handwritten forms in your company, such as Parashift’s ICR offers:

1. Do you process documents from which you extract both machine-written and handwritten text (cursive handwriting, block letters, etc.)?

2. Do you process documents that often come in poor quality, low resolution, distorted and skewed?

3. You want to eliminate as much as possible manual interactions in handwritten forms?

Handwritten text recognition: 10 industries, 25 use cases

Use Parashift’s ICR for handwritten forms processing to fundamentally solve the extraction of all your relevant document data. Broken down to the individual industries, this results in the following HTR use cases, among others, as examples:

Real Estate: Lease agreement, utility billing

Energy and Utilities: Energy bill, complex diagrams (e.g. P&ID)

Insurance: Claims form, insurance policy

Finance: Loan and mortgage application, bank checks, KYC process (signatures, etc.)

Manufacturing and Construction: Reports, certificate of goods, construction plan

Retail and Wholesale: Purchase order form, inventory document, receipt

Transport and Logistics: AWB, delivery bill, import or export declaration

Healthcare: Medical prescription, laboratory form

Public Sector: Ballot, apprenticeship contract, historical writings (library)

Accounting and Business Services: Any documents that contain a mix of typed and handwritten text, including credit card statements, receipts, etc.

With Parashift’s powerful and future-oriented ICR, other HTR use cases are easily possible

Significant advantages for HTR with Parashifts ICR

Parashift’s ICR goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional ICR. This brings tremendous benefits to organizations for the automated extraction and processing of handwritten forms:

– Parashift’s ICR copes with the real and everyday chaos of individual handwritings

– Parashift’s ICR understands context from handwritten text. For example, “CHF 500.-” and “Five hundred Swiss francs” are recognized as equivalent and extracted correctly

– Parashift’s ICR converts unstructured, handwritten text into structured and usable data

– Parashift’s ICR offers best quality and up to 60% less manual interaction when processing handwritten texts

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