simplyfile enables Intelligent Document Processing in M-Files

M-Files is a powerful software for managing information in companies. However, when it comes to reading relevant information from documents, original native solutions reach their limits. The result is slow and costly processes.

With the Parashift connector developed by simplyfile, M-Files partners and customers can now easily, quickly and cost-effectively read data from any business document — from invoices to purchase orders, forms to complex contracts. The captured and structured data can then be processed directly by M-Files, significantly reducing prrocessing times and increasing throughput.

Pricing model

  • Per license / and reseller: EUR 1’800 per year
  • Per reseller for onboarding: EUR 700 incl. 4 hours professional support per year
  • Reseller SLA: EUR 850 per year incl. Parashift Reseller License (NFR)

Reseller model

simplyfile AG (M-Files reseller and solution integrator in Switzerland) becomes the contractual partner for the resellers for the “M-Files Parashift Connector”. The fees for onboarding and the annual SLA will be invoiced by simplyfile in advance at the beginning of each calendar year.

Parashift will create a separate partner agreement with the M-Files reseller. This basic account from Parashift is free of charge and has no SLA or support included.

M-files workflow

Use case

A supplier invoice or other document type that is imported into M-Files via scan or mail does not have information about the invoice recipient (client), invoicing party (supplier), or any other content listed in it (order reference, amounts, VAT rates, item positions, etc.). These records can be extracted with the connector via the cloud-based Parashift Platform and made available as metadata. This eliminates repetitive manual data entry. The data is captured automatically. In M-Files, this information is then filled into one of the metadata cards as properties.


This application was fully implemented as a vault in M-Files.

  • any document types are captured and stored in M-Files (early archiving)
  • Parashift Platform extracts document content using data extraction and AI functions (artificial intelligence)
  • REST API (upload + download) and JSON file are used to deliver the extracted metadata to M-Files
  • The Parashift Platform is controlled by an M-Files workflow. The standard workflow is provided as a demo M-Files vault
  • Parashift offers in their pricing model the possibility to get the data back fully validated (non-extractable records completed). See Parashift pricing model

Querying properties of extracted documents is set via the M-Files vault app.

On-Demand Webinar

Configuration / activiation

  • Parashift creates a separate account per reseller
  • Each tenant is managed as a sub-account under the reseller account. Billing is done by Parashift to resellers and per customer
  • Invoices are generated by Parashift on a monthly basis (transaction-based billing model per document)

simplyfile applies for the reseller account with Parashift and assists the new reseller with the initial installation. The configuration of the individual document types (node config) and properties (property match) is created via the M-Files configurations. Subordinate objects can also be created and filled in this node config.

The option for an object match is also integrated. Compare values from Parashift with values or objects in M-Files and select them.

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