Intelligent Document Processing for M-Files

Data from documents or their specific information is the be-all-end-all for every company and its business processes. However, this information is only worth as much as it is then available to the right employee at the right place and at the right time, without wasting hours searching for it. This is where M-Files comes in. As a software manufacturer, M-Files combines document management and enterprise content management and delivers intelligent content and information management as an innovative content services platform. No matter where business information is stored, M-Files accesses a company’s entire information ecosystem and, with a simple keyword search and one-click, exposes all relevant search results for it in seconds. As a partner of M-Files, simplyfile AG helps companies on their path to digital transformation and as a solution integrator in the smooth implementation of M-Files. With the solution partnership between simplyfile and Parashift, customers can benefit from significantly optimized business processes and projects thanks to advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based document extraction.

The Parashift Platform allows our customers to rethink document-centric business processes and unlock more potential from existing infrastructure. – Urs Kälin, CEO and Business Consultant simplyfile AG

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High-performance package for customers with the combination of M-Files, simplyfile, and Parashift

M-Files is perfect for instant access to all corporate information due to intelligent information management and user-friendly operation. simplyfile helps companies of all industries directly as a solution integrator of the powerful software application M-Files and supports them with more efficiency in the digital transformation and thus in the optimization of their business processes. Finally, Parashift refines the M-Files ecosystem with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Thanks to machine learning-based document extraction to accurately extract data from all business documents in real time, customers can be offered a complete package. New and existing complex projects can thus be realized with a significantly shorter time-to-solution.

Parashift focuses exclusively on document extraction and aims to enhance market-leading software through fusion to generate measurable impact for end customers. – Alain Veuve, CEO Parashift

Parashift generates impact with automatic document extraction

Since Parashift focuses exclusively on document extraction, end-users benefit from state-of-the-art data quality. The more accurate the capture, classification, and extraction of documents, the better the data available to customers in M-Files. The smoother all subsequent processes run, the more effectively workflows can be automated. The interface from Parashift into the M-Files software application is in place. Thanks to advanced machine learning technologies, the Parashift IDP platform delivers fully validated data for numerous document types out-of-the-box without the need for manual post-processing, which means enormous optimization opportunities for companies and their business processes. Furthermore, if necessary, Parashift’s user-friendly IDP platform allows customers to set up their own document types effortlessly and in no time with the easy-to-use document type editor. Thanks to intelligent, machine learning-based technologies, the models learn on their own and improve continuously.

We are excited to partner with simplyfile to help customers in the M-Files ecosystem take the next step in their digitization journey. – Alain Veuve, CEO Parashift

Massive benefits for customers

The powerful combination of the market-leading software application M-Files as an innovative content services platform for intelligent information management, simplyfile as a solution integrator and companion in digital transformation, and Parashift for high-performance artificial intelligence-based document extraction bring massive benefits to customers:

– Direct interface in M-Files and easy integration through simplyfile

– High data intelligence leads to better information in the right place and in real time across the M-Files ecosystem

– Parashift and simplyfile collaboration delivers powerful capabilities to customers

– Various use cases, including fully automated incoming invoice processing, automated incoming mail processing including archiving, and others, are possible

As an innovative and effective combination, M-Files, simplyfile and Parashift help customers to take further, future-oriented steps in digitization.

About simplyfile:

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Gossau, simplyfile AG is a subsidiary of Pius Schäfler AG and supports customers from a wide range of industries in the process of digital transformation. As a future-oriented company with access to many years of experience, simplyfile understands not only the technologies, such as ECM or AI, but above all how and where they are used with significant added value.

About M-Files:

M-Files, founded in 2002 in Finland, is an intelligent information management platform that helps companies make smart connections across the business and automate critical business processes. Today, the company has more than 5,000 customers and is present in over 100 countries.

About Parashift:

Parashift AG, founded in 2018, is a deep-tech company specializing in empowering document retrieval through machine learning. Parashift is based near Basel, Switzerland, and employs about 20 people in machine learning engineering and development. Forbes named Parashift 2019 as one of the 30 promising AI startups in Europe.

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