The 6 Best Arguments why CIOs benefit from a No-Code Solution (Part 2)

Anyone who can operate a PC can work effortlessly with the Parashift IDP platform. Why? Because the platform is built strictly based on the no-code principle. The CIO, as a key decision maker in the digital transformation of a company, is craving for such an innovative and at the same time ideal solution. This adds up to strong arguments why CIOs want a no-code solution in their organization. We take a closer look at the top 6 arguments for how CIOs benefit from a no-code solution in this two-part series.

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1. The first two arguments in hindsight

2. Arguments #3, #4, #5 and #6 for a no-code solution

3. Conclusion

The first two arguments in hindsight (more detailed in Part 1)

Argument #1: Attractive not only for CIO and IT but also for other employees

Argument #2: State-of-the-art and easy-to-use user interface

Arguments #3, #4, #5 and #6 for a no-code solution

And that brings us to the next 4 arguments why CIOs want a no-code solution in their enterprise:

Argument #3: CIOs with more room in a critical role

In his vital role as both business strategist and change manager, the CIO is eager to devote his resources to developing sophisticated and complex solutions to further drive digital transformation in the enterprise. A no-code solution like Parashift’s creates exactly this space for the CIO.

Argument #4: Time savings and cost reductions

Since with a no-code solution there is no need for a qualified team of developers to deal with the smallest problems, this relieves the IT department’s resources enormously and at the same time creates planning scope for the CIO. Costs can thus be further reduced or reinvested in really big projects.

Argument #5: Create new document types effortlessly Parashift’s no-code solution specializes in the capture, classification, and extraction of unstructured documents. This means that as an addition to the numerous standard document types, thanks to consistent no-code configuration options, new document types can be created with a minimum of effort using drag & drop. So the power over document automation is in your hands. Weeks of setting up extraction functionalities due to high complexity are thus history, which plays massively into the cards of the CIO and his IT department.

Argument #6: Productivity increase

Through the user-friendly no-code platform, a whole range of new problems can be solved more effectively. This leads to an increase in productivity throughout the company and ultimately to an increase in competitiveness.

Bonus argument for Parashift’s no-code solution: Seamless integration into the existing system landscape

Parashift’s no-code solution for document extraction impresses with its seamless integration into an existing system landscape, in complete contrast to conventional technologies. For once, an ideal platform with an innovative solution means no more work for the CIO and his IT department, which is a huge plus in digitization.


Relieve the burden on the IT department, increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs: What reads almost too good to be true is possible with Parashift’s no-code solution. It brings CIOs a big step closer to realizing their digital vision. The no-code platform provides the necessary acceleration and agility while constantly maintaining security aspects.

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