Today’s GBS transformation: Intelligent Document Processing in action, spotlight on Invoice Management

Amidst the evolving landscape of Global Business Services (GBS), the advent of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has emerged as a transformative force, particularly in the domain of invoice management. This article delves into the real-world impact of IDP within GBS, highlighting its role in enhancing operational efficiencies and redefining the effectiveness of processes. Today, we explore how GBS professionals are harnessing the power of IDP, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth in invoice management.

Everyday Life in GBS: A Snapshot of current realities

  • Diverse operational needs:
    GBS professionals manage operations across different countries and sectors, facing challenges in standardizing processes, especially in invoice management.
  • Handling high volumes:
    They contend with managing high volumes of invoices, each with its unique format, language, and compliance requirements.
  • Manual processing strains:
    Traditional manual processing is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays and financial discrepancies.
  • Pressure for efficiency:
    Constant pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs persists, amidst manual, repetitive tasks.

IDP’s role in the present: Transforming invoice processing

In the realm of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), invoice processing stands out as a particularly compelling application, vital to the efficiency of Global Business Services. Invoices, by their nature, are complex documents, often varying in format, language, and regulatory compliance requirements. IDP revolutionizes this aspect of GBS by bringing in a level of precision and automation previously unattainable. It intelligently extracts relevant data from invoices, regardless of their structure or origin, significantly reducing manual data entry and the associated errors. Furthermore, IDP systems are equipped to handle the nuances of different tax codes, legal stipulations, and financial regulations, ensuring that each processed invoice adheres to the necessary compliance standards. This not only streamlines the workflow but also fortifies the financial integrity of the entire process. The impact of IDP on invoice processing is a testament to its potential in redefining other document-centric functions within GBS, marking a new era of operational excellence.

Invoice processing – Extraction stage with the Parashift Platform

Implementing IDP in today’s GBS environment

  • Assessment and Planning:
    Assessing current invoice workflows and identifying bottlenecks for IDP implementation is crucial.

  • Vendor Selection:
    Choosing an IDP vendor involves finding solutions tailored to specific needs, such as multi-language support and data security.

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  • Change Management:
    Implementation includes training staff and adjusting processes for the new system.

Current successes and ongoing challenges

  • Realizing Immediate Benefits:
    Immediate benefits reported include faster processing times, reduced manual effort, and fewer errors.

  • Adapting to new technology:
    Challenges involve adapting to the technology, training staff, and customizing the system for organizational needs.

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Integrating IDP into GBS is not just about technological advancement; it’s a strategic realignment of business processes.

Living the change: IDP as a part of today’s GBS strategy

  • Embracing technology for better outcomes:
    GBS professionals are incorporating IDP into their strategy to meet modern invoice processing demands.

  • Continuous learning and adaptation:
    The journey with IDP involves staying updated with technological advancements and adjusting strategies accordingly.

The future of GBS lies in its ability to adapt and evolve. IDP is a stepping stone towards a more data-driven, intelligent enterprise, where decision-making is as proactive as it is reactive.


The integration of IDP into GBS, specifically for invoice processing, is transforming the everyday realities of GBS professionals. By automating repetitive tasks, enhancing accuracy, and ensuring compliance, IDP is a present-day tool driving significant improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness in GBS strategies.

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