4 reasons why you should break up with your legacy OCR

From time to time, it makes sense to evaluate the relationships in your life and the value you assign to them. Because there are some important aspects that make for a healthy and constructive relationship. If these aspects are out of balance, an analysis of the relationship is needed.

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This applies not only in private life, but also in professional life. Because also there are relationships that no longer really fulfil the foundations of a good, constructive relationship and should therefore be re-evaluated. A “love” relationship, which in most companies spreads little romance, is the one with the legacy OCR system. What makes this relationship a nodding candidate for a promising and happy future and why it is time to end it, I would like to explain here.

1. It cannot keep up with you and slows down your development

Are you familiar with the situation when you and your environment are continuously developing and you have to realize that your partner remains more or less at the same place? Of course, this is not immediately a reason to break up. But if it drags on for a longer period of time, you only harm your own growth, waste your potential and thus limit yourself.

It is similar with your legacy OCR system. It simply hasn’t really developed in a positive way over the years. If the way your system works still implies the word “template”, then you should immediately consider looking for something better that can value and support you and your ambitions more, even promote them in their own way.

Modern OCR software no longer uses template procedures, but rather the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. The contents of documents can therefore be recognized, interpreted and extracted without the need to cultivate maintenance-intensive sets of rules. And all this without any master data matching.

2. She’s gotten old and is no longer sexy

If you’re still going on a date as a man with the wide cut suit with elbow patches, or if you’re a woman with your grandmother’s little black dress that’s been gathering dust in the closet for years, then you’re getting very close to the feeling of an aging relationship with a legacy OCR. There is a sense of unease when you realize that the world has changed so much that the look is no longer appropriate or keeping up with the stile of the time.

To refresh your relationship and make it young and dynamic, you’re always flirting with cloud-based, intelligent OCR software providers. That’s because you’ve learned that cloud based software keeps your relationship up to date. Also in terms of flexibility is the cloud infrastructure a wonderful match. No matter how many or few documents you want to run over it, the service scales up or down in the background without batting an eyelid. You secretly promise yourself to make your relationship fresh and customized again.

3. She takes more than she gives

You treat your legacy OCR software always with love and spend a lot of time and effort on its maintenance to keep it happy. Yet despite all the effort you put in, relatively little comes back. Especially when it comes to future prospects, the situation leaves much to be desired. The costs it causes are therefore increasingly relativizing the benefits it brings, and so the opportunity costs are also becoming more incisive. With all this effort, this is depressing and you are becoming more and more concerned that you deserve better.

Cloud-based document extraction requires no maintenance and no dedicated server systems. So you could restore the balance of give and take.

4. She forgets your friends’ names

Your traditional OCR system does not recognize suppliers purely on the basis of documents. It has to constantly check the names against a database to make sure there is no mix-up. While this usually works, it is not exactly courteous and costs you money. As if that wasn’t enough, there are the exceptions that confirm the rule. If you receive a document from a brand new supplier, your OCR software has no fallback way of checking whether it is really the supplier it thinks it identified. Quite casually, you simply do not get any data back.

New, smarter OCR systems tick differently. They read address data from suppliers and do not need any mnemonics or reminders from you.

It’s time to find new love

These are just a few of several reasons that lead to an imbalance in your relationship with your legacy OCR software. But rest assured, there are refreshing alternatives out there that are more suited to the needs of your business today, that are more responsive to you, that evolve as your business grows, and that will give you some adorable flowers every now and then.

When you’re ready and want to start over, let us process a few documents for you.

Do simple usability, great flexibility, fully validated extraction data (even on line item data), cost savings and efficiency gains sound good enough for a first test account? Then register via the banner below and see for yourself the effectiveness of a modern extraction solution that minimizes the risk of another heartbreak.

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