How to give your digital transformation a massive boost

Information systems have fundamentally and positively changed companies in many ways. However, as the digital transformation has progressed, weaknesses have become apparent here as well. In order for the numerous added values of information systems to be fully exploited, precise data is an essential factor. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) provides the information systems of the future with exactly this meticulousness of data.

Parashift’s powerful and future-oriented IDP takes information systems to the next level. Integrate IDP into your organization, further boost your digital transformation, and bring quality into information systems.

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Limitations of information systems

Information systems connect various components with each other in order to collect, filter, process and distribute data, for example. Information systems thus serve companies in decision-making, analyses, process modeling, controls, optimization, and so on and so forth.

Effective information systems therefore depend heavily on high data quality. Potential problems due to limitations of information systems are clearly apparent here:

1. Huge and ever increasing amounts of data that need to be processed

2. Old and weak technology components prevent automation and optimization

3. Data must be captured and entered manually, at least in part

4. Decisions and actions that could be automated are unnecessarily left to humans

5. These factors limit the added value of information systems and ultimately also destroy the advantage over competitors

IDP as the ultimate powerhouse for digital transformation

Companies that want to use information systems effectively focus heavily on managing and improving processes. The cornerstone of this is provided by the data component. IDP brings massive advantages to the table here. With the capabilities that IDP comes up with, new possibilities and added values for information systems are created.

4 Advantages with Parashift’s IDP

#1: The more accurate the data input, the better all subsequent processes will be

This point is absolutely crucial for information systems. The more accurate the capture, classification and extraction of data, the better the subsequent processes will be, and the more workflows can be automated and optimized.

#2: IDP liberates all data and liberates people too

Parashift’s IDP automatically frees all data, from structured and semi-structured as well as completely unstructured documents. IDP thus also frees humans from tedious manual work and further unnecessary actions.

#3: IDP is the intelligent and future-oriented component for information systems

Parashift’s IDP brings essential intelligence to the technology component of information systems thanks to advanced AI technologies.

#4: Thanks to IDP, the added value of information systems can be fully exploited

Parashift’s IDP is undoubtedly the greatest driving force for the digital transformation of information systems. With high-performance IDP, the added values of information systems can be redefined and used more comprehensively, be it for process optimization, complex analysis, and so on and so forth.

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