Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #5: Stefan Hermann, CEO of PEAX

Welcome to IDP podcasts episode #5. For this interview, Alain Veuve has welcomed Stefan Hermann, CEO of PEAX.

The two exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

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Who is Stefan Hermann?

Stefan Hermann is the CEO of PEAX. As an IT entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, Stefan is committed to connectivity on a high level for each of his new projects in order to leverage the collective and create consistency.

I try to live driven by visions, and I try not to have short-term uses exclusively.

What about PEAX?

PEAX is a company whose purpose is to distribute and archive mail with a fully digital mailbox. Companies can categorize the different mails previously processed automatically in order to personalize the platform and facilitate the search. Invoices, for example, can be paid on the same platform and in no time, even with several bank accounts.

In times of the COVID19 pandemic, such a service was supercritical. The employees were no longer on-site in the company, but working from home, and could not handle the mail physically. This solution has proven to be optimal for many companies, saving them valuable time. It allows making information available as quickly as possible, regardless of location.

So, PEAX accompanies many companies in their digital transformation thanks to this practical and ultra-powerful tool.

Why the collaboration?

In order to offer a digital mailbox to its customers, allowing them to automate and simplify the administrative work of individuals and businesses, PEAX joins forces with powerful partners using cutting-edge technologies capable of boosting the digital transformation to a point never reached before.

By partnering with Parashift, the PEAX is able to extract data from documents completely automatically without the customer having to do so. The processing of the mail is then optimized to the maximum.

What about the future?

For the future, Stefan Hermann wants his company PEAX to become a marketplace, a cross-linking marketplace that involves these actors.

We think that the paper or the relic of documents is a remnant of a significant era. What we have done so far is as a company, or what we have done as entrepreneurs is to transfer documents into electronic documents. But in the end, this is an outdated way of thinking about how to transport information. We see the future by sending data objects, and that we only provide virtualization information to show what is their content. The near future is that we have a self-driving data object that controls receiver preferences. That’s the big vision. It may be a bit out of the way now, but it’s where I think the journey is going.

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