Parashift says goodbye to Intelligent Document Processing and goes all-in on IMP.

Parashift is changing its focus to embrace the world’s emerging meme culture. The Parashift platform provides increased automation across channels through intelligent meme processing (IMP) and delivers deeper insights to Chief Meme Officers.

Switzerland 01 April 2022 – Parashift, the leading provider of universal machine learning-based cloud technology for extracting data from documents, announces it is radically changing its business direction. The globally active Meme Culture has increased at an average 50% CAGR over the 10 years, and your works are becoming more and more prevalent in society. Even large companies like Tesla and Gucci have jumped on the bandwagon, relying on memes as the most widely used digital currency to drive sustainable business success. As a result, Parashift’s management has decided to embrace this megatrend.

“While we have been able to nearly triple our business in the Intelligent Document Processing space over the past 12 months, we see that significantly higher growth rates are possible in the Intelligent Meme Proceedings (IMP) space,” said Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift. “That we are now making this pivot is the logical consequence of this realization.”

In the past, chief marketing officers have focused primarily on creating numerical performance metrics to show how their campaigns are growing their customer base, increasing reach and brand awareness, and driving engagement by channel. Conversion is the holy grail metric that even Drake will love. The next generation of marketers, often recognizable as chief meme officers, will aggregate these KPIs by stack ranking individual content metrics such as impressions, profile views, and followers. However, as meme virality becomes increasingly hyperlocal, chief meme officers will increasingly need to keep an eye on geographic distribution and types of memes to optimize their A/B testing efforts and go deep with their thought leadership strategies. As Harvard Business Review recently noted, “brands need to communicate very locally and precisely… understanding the situation on the ground, country by country, state by state, zip code by zip code.”

In recent years, marketers have shifted toward more nuanced metrics that offer emotional insights into how each post drives engagement among audience segments. Likes, shares, and direct messages can give teams a discrete and measurable understanding of positive sentiment and brand engagement. Some companies use increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning for social listening to intercept negative sentiment and keep internet trolls at bay.

In the wake of these developments, the Parashift team is reshuffling. As Chief Meme Officer, Thilo Rossa will now be responsible for strategy and paving the way to “next-level meme technology” for the deep meme company (IMP). “We see enormous growth potential in the meme market! Therefore, we help large international corporations become fit for the new era with new features. Meme Culture represents a huge opportunity to drive the generation of significant value for society and companies. I am excited to join the Parashift team in making a significant contribution to this historically unique opportunity and, in doing so, make the world a better place,” said Thilo Rossa, Chief Meme Officer at Parashift.

About Parashift:
Parashift AG, founded in 2018, is a leader in Intelligent Meme Processing through Machine Learning in the Cloud. Parashift is domiciled near Basel, Switzerland, and employs about 40 people in machine learning engineering, development, and sales. Forbes named Parashift as one of 30 promising AI startups in Europe. For more information, visit

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